RARA-AVIS: Songs of Innocence

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 16 Jul 2007

Patrick Anderson reviewed Richard Aleas's Songs of Innocence in this morning's Washington Post (sorry, don't have the URL, read it on paper). Damn, Charles, how much did you pay him for that major rave? Not saying it's inaccurate, though. I finished the book the day before yesterday and also liked it a lot. So, now can we have a case with Susan as the POV PI?

About Anderson's review, though. He tries to tackle the noir definition thing. And I think he fails, mixing up noir and hardboiled. No, I'm not saying the two can't mix, but I am saying that Chandler's "down these mean streets" line is about hardboiled, whereas Anderson uses it as his definition of noir. True, the mean streets can and do feature heavily in noir, but he emphasizes the "man . . . who is not himself mean" part as essential to noir. That I do not buy. Some of my favorite noirs feature mean men, and women.


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