RARA-AVIS: Spare Change

From: Rob Kantner ( rob@9sg.com)
Date: 16 Jul 2007

So the love-hate relationship with Robert B. Parker continues. This one's a Sunny Randall, whom I cannot help but view (careful descriptions of clothes, makeup, etc. notwithstanding) as a bit of a Spenser clone in female garb. The subplots include readable if not especially engrossing depictions of the protag's psychological quandaries (daddy, mother, ex-husband) with regular appearances by the ubiquitous and amazingly perfect-in-every-detail Susan Silverman to Straighten It All Out For Us. (pause to gag)

That said: There's an (at least to me) interesting twist-let on the serial killer bit (with a villain whose ick-factor is right up there) and the usual amusing wisecracks, which for my kind of simple-brain makes up for a lot. For me, Parker's books are fly-throughs, and a month from now I probably won't remember a whole lot about this one, but it was, for me, a competently done and reasonably entertaining time.


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