Re: RARA-AVIS: Real Cool Killers

Date: 14 Jul 2007

miker wrote:

"I can see why Haut had such a hard time dealing with Himes. Trying to twist the whole genre into a commentary on state crime is the equivalent of hammering a square peg into a round hole. My reading of hardboiled and noir sees personal accountability as a common theme."

Real Cool Killers was early in the series (second or third). The Coffin Ed and Gravedigger Jones books became more and more about society as the series went along (not to say there wasn't some critique from the very beginning). This is not to say they became didactic; in many ways they became better, and funnier. But by the time he gets to the end of the series, Cotton Comes to Harlem and Blind Man with a Pistol, they're far more about corrupt people in institutions and less about the two detectives whose victories seem smaller and smaller.


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