Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Hardboiled Hollywood

Date: 14 Jul 2007

Jim wrote:

"Since the list seems to be in chronological order, I assume the version of DILLINGER being covered is the onw ith Warren Oates as Dillinger and Ben Johnson as FBI Agent Melvin Purvis, not the 1945 noir with Lawrence Tierney?"

Right, he's writing about Milius's film, although he does briefly mention the earlier one in the chapter. Decharne is a very concise writer, and he's done his research. It's amazing how much info he fluidly fits into the 12-20 page chapters.

"Let me add my own kudos for that lesser-known-but-deserves-to-be-far-better-known Brit cop-noir, HELL IS A CITY. THE best, bar none, THE best British cop movie ever, and a very faithful adaptation of Maurice Procter's novel, published in the US as SOMEWHERE IN THIS CITY, the first in his Harry Martineau series."

Decharne is British, so it's not surprising he gravitates to the few exemplary UK hardboiled adaptations (this and Get Carter). It's unfortunate that Proctor seems to be out of print, even in the UK. Especially if he's as much of a shift in UK crime writing as Decharne argues.


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