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From: Duane Spurlock (
Date: 12 Jul 2007

 "E. Borgers" wrote:

<< Miker, IMO you can forget B. Traven's work, not easily readable. Of course, as I don't read German fluently, I could not check the version of Death Ship that he first published during the twenties. Many versions, many also "reduced" by editors… I think that looking for a work on his life will be far more interesting. It's a real saga. There were also two very good documentaries (for TV) depicting his life, works… and explaining once for all the identity problem and its solutions. But I do not have the ref for the documentaries any more.
  Try out CRAVAN, a "graphic novel" examination of the mysterious and rambunctious Arthur Cravan ( ) and the possible connection to B. Traven. Written by Mike Richardson and drawn by Rick Geary, whose Victorian Murders has been mentioned here before.
  - Duane Spurlock

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