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Date: 10 Jul 2007

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> I just finished Jim Sallis's CRIPPLE CREEK, the second book about
>Turner, the ex-cop, ex-con, ex-psychotherapist, who's now a small-town
>deputy sheriff. Great stuff, the equal of the Lew Griffin books, I think.
>And (here's the Lankford connection) it has possums.
>Bill Crider

I knew it was just a matter of time before writers jumped on the opossum bandwagon.

It's my sad duty to report that my opossum, Smiley, passed away a few months ago. She lasted four years, which is pretty good for one of her kind. But oh do I miss that marsupial. She's the only one in my house that could stay up as late as I do. We also had similar taste in movies. We watched (and enjoyed) THE DRIVER the night before she died. A movie I have yet to get my girlfriend to sit through.

RIP Smiley.


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