RE : RARA-AVIS: Opinions

From: E. Borgers (
Date: 09 Jul 2007

  As you pointed it out, the mechanic gives a documented opinion, a specialist opinion.
  The child just gives his opinion with a reference to his very limited knowledge.Or absence of knowledge in many domains;
  That was exactly what I tried to underline in the whole of my message, because a lot of people think that they are jentitle to give their opinion under any circumstances not emitting some restrictive mentions; even not khowing (or not enough knowing) what they are speaking about And because its theirs they think it is as valid as any other, denying competence could be present on a higher level somewhere.
  And by isolating my sentence you isolate it from the discussion I had with the participant who called himself a troll... I just wanted by the first sentences to return his way of evaluating opinions of others.
   Michael Robison <> a 飲it :
          Etienne wrote:

An opinion is an opinion. Nothing more.

************** If a child tells you that the knock in your car engine is marbles bouncing around, that's an opinion. If the mechanic tells you he thinks it's a rod bearing going out, that is another opinion.


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