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Date: 08 Jul 2007

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>While trawling around your imdb page to try to figure out who Vince
>Timlin was (no success),

Luckily for me (lucky for a variety of reasons) my IMDB page is very incomplete. Less than half of the things I've worked on are listed there. (And I have no interest in helping them fill in the gaps.) I have a few other pages under different names, but the IMDB folks have yet to figure that out and combine them. "Vince" and I only worked on one film together, but were drinking buddies back in the day when I could get away with that kind of behavior. Since then we have been reformed (as well as could be expected of either of us).

> I noticed that you and Michael Connelly are
>co-writing the screenplay for a movie of the old TV show The Equalizer.
>Congrats, dude.

Thanks. We've been on it eight months now and I think we're just about done. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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