Re: RARA-AVIS: Definitions

Date: 08 Jul 2007

Jack wrote:

"One thing that bothers me about the newer 'noir' is that most don't have plots. They just have a series events that eventually ends to no particular conclusion, other than, perhaps: wow that was violent, and there were some good laughs all the way."

The following is one of the first messages I posted to this list
(6/8/98, wow, it's been that long?). I asked about "Deco Noir":

"In 'Box 9,' Jack O'Connell writes:

"'Ephraim is the Anglophile. Ike, surprisingly, likes his book crimes hard-boiled and urban. Neither one of them knows what to make of the new wave of deco noir books from France where there is no hero, little plot, and just page after page of random, bizarre violence.

"'Do these books really exist or is this just O'Connell joking about post-structuralism and Robbe-Grillet's "theory of the new novel"? If they exist, have any been translated into English? Can anyone help me?'"

O'Connell later confirmed that it was just a joke on his part. It now seems that he had predictive powers.

Can't wait for his next book, by the way.


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