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From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 08 Jul 2007

Whoa, "rigidity"? Aren't you the guy who insisted that noir as genre started in 1932 and ended in 1955? If you're going to have strong opinions, particularly ones that list members find a little wacky, you're going to have to accept some criticism.

Little Ceasar, The Maltese Falcon, Red Harvest, Green Ice, Sanctuary and Death in a Bowl all came out before 1932. Post-1955 novels are too numerous to mention, but some of the best came out in the late 50s. After all, Gold Medal was still going strong through the decade.

Oh, and Steely Dan is not one person. We get fringe benefits, not French benefits, it's not the Leaning Tower of Pizza, and James Dean was an actor-Jimmy Dean makes sausages.


> Who cares? You have already demonstrated that you're
> an arrogant and self-important know-nothing who
> responds with accusations rather than opinions or
> facts. I don't need this. I came here in good faith to
> discuss something I find valuable in an open and
> honest way. Rigidity, my friend, is a death worse than
> fate. So, keep your tensions and your fears in your
> head and in your heart and I won't even have to live
> well to reap the benefits.
> William
> PS: I'm gone, nothing to see here, just go back to
> patting each other on your backs . . .

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