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From: Jacques Debierue (
Date: 08 Jul 2007

--- In, William Ahearn <williamahearn@...> wrote:
> --- "E. Borgers" <webeurop@...> wrote:
> By delivering purely undocumented
> > antagonistic arguments and who mostly hidden
> > themselves behind the so called &#65533;free opinion
> > rights&#65533; label.
> First of all, I don't hide anything or anywhere. You
> have taken an interesting discussion and lowered it to
> the point of calling me a troll. Because I don't agree
> or suck up to your point of view and because I have
> the unmitigated gall to voice my own opinion, I am --
> in your eyes -- some lower life form. That is so
> typical of these lists. A little cadre of genre nazis
> kissing each other's egos.

Hey Bill, flames are not allowed here. It's one of the two rules that your namesake Cap'n Bill put in place way back when he started the list. There haven't been many flames. But neither has there been a lot of backpatting... and certainly not when it comes to definitions of noir and hardboiled. On the other hand, if you don't like the list, you're doing the right thing in leaving.



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