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From: William Ahearn (
Date: 08 Jul 2007

--- Jacques Debierue <> wrote:


> You can´t say it was all over by 1955, that´s not
> true in literature
> or in film. A film like Coppola´s _The Conversation_
> is pure noir, yet
> is not an hommage to anything, it is a late
> seventies noir story.

We totally disagree. And that's good. But that "The Conversation" isn't a hommage to anything is clearly misstated. It is -- without question or doubt -- a hommage to Antonioni's "Blow Up." Do you want to suppose that "Blow Up" is also noir? "The Conversation" is one of my favorite films (as is "Blow Up") and a hommage in the true sense rather than the dePalma sense. But noir? Sure, it's a dark story and all of that but in cinema -- even more so than in written work -- it clearly ain't noir. That's my problem with a lot of definitions floating here. It's so expansive to be pointless.


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