Re: RARA-AVIS: Burglar, the movie

From: Edward Pettit (
Date: 07 Jul 2007

  Yes, it's worth seeking out. There was a screening of it at GoodisCon here in Philadelphia in Jan. Dan Duryea is excellent and Jane Mansfield is always worth watching. Production values leave a little to be desired (definitely a B picture), but the plot is tight and the mood is very tense. Not a masterpiece, but definitely worth seeing.
  I haven't read the Goodis novel, so I can't comment on the movie's Goodis-ness, but if you know Philadelphia, then the movie has extra value with the location shooting and local newsman John Facenda in a small role (Facenda was also the voice of all those great old NFL films).
  The Bibliothecary, a blog of literary endeavour. wrote:
          I was wondering if anyone has seen the movie The Burglar, the one based on the Goodis book, not the one based on the Block book. Is it any good? Worth seeking out?



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