Sallis (was Re: RARA-AVIS: Tarantino and Hard Case Crime)

Date: 06 Jul 2007

Mario wrote:

"The Sallis books looked like classics right from the beginning... they have staying power. His characters (not just his protagonists) are intrinsically interesting. And his rhetoric, half Faulkner, half disenchanted professor, is perfect for the kind of story he writes."

And depth, don't forget depth. I'm getting a lot more out of this book the second time, lingering a bit more on character now that I'm in no rush to find out what happens. I knew that as the series went along, solutions became less of an emphasis, the search for them was what was important, or avoidance of them, but hadn't remembered it was there from the start. Also kind of reading it a little bit differently knowing how the series closes (hey, this is a series with an ending I didn't note in that thread). I still wonder when Sallis decided to end it that way, whether he had it in mind from the start or realized it later.


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