Re: RARA-AVIS: Tarantino and Hard Case Crime

Date: 06 Jul 2007

Charles replied to my question:

"Pulps in the day looked as new and fresh as the latest copy of People magazine does to us -- worse paper, sure, but not afflicted with decades of rot and decay."

Speaking of which, I was in a Borders yesterday and saw a display of Doc Savage and The Shadow. I didn't have time to look very hard (was on my way to see You KIll Me, a nice low key dark comedy about a hit man entering AA), but they looked like (glossy) reproductions of the old pulp magazines. I did notice that Maxwell Grant's name was on The Shadow.

"I can't say whether our books would have gotten the attention they have if the audience hadn't been primed by Tarantino (although an entire decade passed between the release of "Pulp Fiction" and the publication of our first titles), but I can say the books would have looked and read the way they do regardless..."

And for that I very much thank you. Love our series. The only thing I don't like is discovering a new old writer and not being able to easily find his other books. I feel like miker in his early days here, only allowed to read one book by an author.

By the way, the reason I stopped in that Borders was to pick up your Songs of Innocence, which I'll probably start next week, after finishing Seamus Smyth's Quinn and re-reading Sallis's Long-Legged Fly, which I picked up to dip into but found myself reimmersed, what a great book, what a great series.


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