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From: GERLACH, Steve ( steve.gerlach@sma.com.au)
Date: 05 Jul 2007

G'day all,


Just my two cents on this... as I've been accused by some people of going too far in my novel RAGE, but I stand by my beliefs that the violence depicted in RAGE is necessary for the story, and is indicative of the character's mindset.


Surely this is most important underlying point. If it's gratuitous for no reason at all, it really is a type of "porn", but if it is central to the story, no matter how appalling, then it is necessary.


As a writer, to censor myself is writing suicide. If the story needs it, and it compelled by it, then it must be included.


Does this mean I will lose some readers? Possibly. Actually, probably.


But the readers who "get it" are much much more important to me. A look at the reviews on Amazon show how amazingly diverse readers reactions to one novel can be! RAGE is touted as "a terrific novel" by some readers, while others call to have me (and the publisher) locked up!



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I too was repulsed by the violence in the cellar, and I admit I was momentarily tempted to stop reading in order to proclaim my personal refinement and ascribe all sorts of inferior motivations to the author. However, in this case I carried on, having read some of the author's earlier works, and corresponded with him on this list. I do know from some of that earlier correspondence that the author has no axe to grind, no point to make, no motivation, conscious or otherwise, to write what he does, other than to entertain his readers. Nevertheless I came away with a sense that the real Hard Man of the title was not any of the toughs inflicting the violence in the book, but the victim who endured it. I'm looking forward to reading what effect this will have on Pearce in the next one.

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