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I read this list almost religiously....some of you know me from various boards, netspaces etc..I have spoken to many of you and email conversations with a few also...not much pulls me out of lurkdom but this discussion on Torture porn has been so has frustrated me, saddened me, made me sputter and laugh out loud but I a just had to say that I do agree here with Allan Guthrie (Two-Way Split was great btw! ) on Charlie Huston. I have just finished reading the 3 books and I was transported into another world...the graphic scenes were needed as they made Hank "a real person" and not just a cartoony character in a book...when he hurt, the reader knew it...I cared about him. When the books are mostly all gratuitous action and move so easily from one body slam to the next it becomes surreal..

I also appreciate the fact that we all read and enjoy different books and from earlier posts by funkmaster the darker end of this genre is not really the type of book he enjoys but again, thank goodness there are so many books out there..

Patricia back to lurk mode...sorry...carry on ;-)
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  You mean because Huston inflicts the pain vicariously on the reader? I get
  you. I'd still argue that Huston isn't being sadistic. He's creating a
  sensory experience. He's saying that violence hurts and describing very
  effectively how it feels. I admire him enormously for that. It's much easier
  to write from the point of view of the aggressors and pretend violence
  doesn't hurt at all -- which I'd argue is more akin to sadism.

  I do appreciate, though, that whether it's sadistic or not, you don't like


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>> Isn't it masochistic? It's the narrator who's experiencing the pain. If
>> it
>> was sadistic, he'd be inflicting it.
> Sadistic on the part of Huston, the author

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