RARA-AVIS: Re: Torture Porn

From: al_guthrie65 ( allan@allanguthrie.co.uk)
Date: 04 Jul 2007

I think Bill's been very generous in letting us talk about movies at all, so I'll not try his patience other than to say HOSTEL got its rep not by being good but by making an awful lot of money. That's my perception anyway.

Hope you have some fun with Hard Man. I certainly had fun writing it.


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> Al:
> I guess this might open up a new debate. Namely, the nature of so-
> called "independent" films that cost millions of dollars and are
> produced and distributed by the same moguls who are responsible
> all the other blockbusters. HOSTEL's budget might not seem big
> compared to films like Jurassic Park, but they are still
> more expensive than the movies from the '70s it is esentially
> stealing from. The only difference is that while most of the
> were almost universally dismissed as rubbish (and the quality of
> few good ones that came out is only now being acknowledged),
> was overwhelmingly praised (and hopefully it will take less time
> people to realize what a sham it was). I know HOSTEL 2 hasn't
> much rave reviews but I guess that's because it's the same thing
> over again. The same goes for SAW trilogy, which is one story
> twice (I guess you could say the same about the Scream trilogy as
> well as other horror series). I think the case of Guy Ritchie's
> is similar, his taste in movies being almost as bad as his taste
> women.
> I might have overstated my case when I said people were calling
> HOSTEL genius, but I still believe that for a glorified torture
> it garnered a lot of undeserved praise (and this coming from
> who enjoys both classic horror films and newer stuff such as Rob
> Zombie's).
> -GB.
> (BTW, I bought Hard Man this morning. I look forward to reading it
> soon).

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