Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Torture Porn

Date: 04 Jul 2007

Possibly because of my age when I read it, the torture scene that has probably lingered the longest with me is the cane chair scene in Casino Royale. Few of today's torture scenes seem to linger with me very long.

But torture is certainly nothing new in noir. In fact, didn't Spillane regularly get complaints like this? I've got a vintage cover of one of his books with Velma strung up and being tortured on the cover that certainly plays up the fetishitic apsects.

Yes, today's examples are certainly more detailed, partly because they can in today's market, partly because they have to to distinguish themselves as readers reach saturation levels. As always, though, it's the talent, not the explicitness (although some are very talented in their explicitness -- for instance, some of the beatings Bruen's Jack Taylor has taken has made me cringe, but they're essential to the character and series) of the writer that really shows through.


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