RARA-AVIS: Jonathan Latimer Question

From: Mark D. Nevins ( nevins_mark@yahoo.com)
Date: 30 Jun 2007

Any Jonathan Latimer fans here?

I recently managed to find some of his novels, in vintage PBs as well as more recent TPB re-issues.

Question: Is there a proper order in which to read the five (5) "Bill Crane" novels? The first 3 were published in 1935, and various internet sites list them in different orders. Perhaps there's no need to read them in order?

Also, I note that some of Latimer's novels, e.g., SOLOMON'S VINEYARD, seem to have been unpublished in Latimer's liftime and/or published in expurgated editions. Can anyone advise me as to whether or not the
"Crane" series were expurgated in the early PBs, and if the later TPBs restored any text?

Thanks much--and, of course, I'd be interested in hearing any general opinions or insights on Latimer and his work.

Best, Mark Nevins

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