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From: Duane Spurlock ( duane1spur@yahoo.com)
Date: 30 Jun 2007

 "Kevin Burton Smith" kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com wrote:

<< I dunno.

After reading a spate of recent books by some of the more highly touted practitioners of the "new noir," I've noticed something.

Not in all of them, mind you, but in enough of them to be disturbed by what seems to be a trend. . . . All the meanness and carnage of these soulless wallows comes off more like pornography than noir, at least to me.

Kevin, I agree. I thought it was just my changing perceptions, but the more I try to read in recent noirish fiction, the more I find this case you state.

The detailed torture seems written to be titilating. Or for gross-out shock value (as in slasher films), which grows old and ineffective after saturating the genre.

I find myself restricting my hard-boiled reading mostly to older books, these days. - Duane Spurlock www.pulprack.com

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