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Date: 29 Jun 2007

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> Impressive editorial. I'm sitting here ticking off one book after  another
> in
> my head trying to think if I committed any of  the distasteful new features
> you  mention! Pornographic maybe, but I think someone else brought  that up.
> However, my point is that people write what they want and other people 
> apply
> the names. When Miami Purity came out in '95, I never  realized I was going
> to be classified as noir. When I heard the word, I figured  it was somehow a
> "literary" type crime, because the French word gave it  some prestige. I
> really
> didn't know anything about noir in writing at  all, other than reading
> Cain's
> novels. When I found out that's what I had  written, I figured I'd better
> find
> out what it was. I had already written  Iguana Love, at that point, and it
> turned out to be noir too. Then I  wrote Voluntary Madness, which I thought
> was
> a love story, but it  wasn't. It was crime or noir or whatever. So now I
> just
> call myself a crime  writer or noir writer since everyone else is doing it.
> The author has no control  over the classification.
more evidence in favor of the argument that noir has in fact become a point of view or philosophical bent rather than remained a set of stylistic characteristics

John Lau

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