RARA-AVIS: Schulberg

From: Juri Nummelin ( juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi)
Date: 29 Jun 2007

Budd Schulberg says in an interview:

"We stayed about two more days on our own [to shop the script of ON THE WATERFRONT - JN]. And in that time we got turned down by Warners, we got turned down--a second time now--by Harry Cohn, it got turned down by MGM, it got turned down everywhere. So I told Gadg that I was going to go home and write it as a novel. I already had kind of an opening chapter describing the harbor and stuff, and I was going to write it. Kazan said maybe he could even do it as a play."

So, it was a script first and then a novel. And so, it's a novelization. (What bothers me all the time is that many people seem to think that THE THIRD MAN, the film, is a version of the book. It's also a novelization from Greene's own script. The film was rather recently in a list of best movie adaptations. God!)

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