Re: RARA-AVIS: Books to Films (Thank you all)

Date: 29 Jun 2007

William wrote:

"The other two films I have scheduled are In The Cut and Blow Up."

I read In the Cut (have not yet watched all of the movie, just clicked to a couple of the "good parts," which weren't nearly as graphic as their rep, or as the book; guess it was just that Meg Ryan was in the film that made some think they were worse). I had mixed feelings about it. Moore seemed to have mixed feelings about it, not quite sure whether she was writing a literary novel or a crime novel. I'm certainly not implying that these two things must be separate (for some reason Sarah Schulman's After Delores comes to mind as a book that succeeds as both), just that she seemed to keep them separate. The whodunnit element was simultaneously pretty obvious and pretty manipulative in its failed attempt at diversion.

As for Blow Up, it's been a long time since I've read Cortazar's short story, but as I recall it provides just the seed for Antonioni's movie. Both very good.


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