RARA-AVIS: Other possible novels of interest

From: Juri Nummelin ( juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi)
Date: 29 Jun 2007

Mainly film noir classics all of which I haven't seen:

HE RAN ALL THE WAY, Sam Ross (the film 1951) FOUR BOYS AND A GUN, Willard Wiener (1944, the film 1957) THE CONDEMNED, Jo Pagano (into THE SOUND OF FURY, by Cy Endfield, in 1950) THE DARK PAGE, Samuel Fuller (the film by Phil Karlson in 1952) COME FILL THE CUP, Harlan Ware (the film stars James Cagney, directed by Gordon Douglas) MOONRISE, Theodore Strauss (the film was directed by Frank Borzage) FLAMINGO ROAD and WRITTEN IN THE WIND, Robert Wilder WISTERIA COTTAGE, Robert Coates (the film by Irving Lerner in 1953/1958) RED HOUSE, George Chamberlain (1945, the film by Delmer Daves stars Edward G. Robinson and is actually quite good) I, MOBSTER (as Anonymous, written by Joseph Hilton Smyth; the film by Roger Corman in 1958) COMPULSION, Meyer Levin THE MAN WITH MY FACE, Samuel Taylor THE BIRD'S NEST, Shirley Jackson (the film LIZZIE by Hugo Haas) THE HOUSE OF NUMBERS, Jack Finney (the film stars Jack Palance as twins!) THE FALLEN ANGEL, Marty Holland BADGE OF EVIL, Whit Masterson CRISS-CROSS, Don Tracy (at least two film versions) IF I DIE BEFORE I WAKE, Sherwood King (into THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI) MAD WITH MUCH HEART, Gerald Butler (into ON DANGEROUS GROUND) ONCE OFF GUARD, J.H. Wallis (into THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW) THE BIG NIGHT, Stanley Ellin DEADLIER THAN THE MALE, James Gunn LAURA, Vera Caspary LOW COMPANY, Daniel Fuchs (into THE GANGSTER, 1947) TUCKER'S PEOPLE, Ira Wolfert (into THE FORCE OF EVIL) NIGHT AND THE CITY, Gerald Kersh (the film by Jules Dassin and, again, Robert De Niro) THE WILD PARTY, John McPartland (the film by Harry Horner, stars Anthony Quinn) SCRATCH A THIEF, Zekial Marko aka John Trinian (the French film from 1965 stars Alain Delon, IIRC)

Roy Huggins's two novels were filmed, TOO LATE FOR TEARS and THE DOUBLE TAKE. Jay J. Dratler wrote several novels which were filmed, some were scripted by himself. Also A.I. Bezzerides. Consider also THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, WINTER KILLS and PRIZZI'S HONOR all of which were written by Richard Condon and made into good films with noirish tones.

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