Re: RARA-AVIS: *Red Harvest*

From: Jacques Debierue (
Date: 27 Jun 2007

--- In, DJ-Anonyme@... wrote:
> Nathan wrote:
> "Henry James wasn't subtle. He just wrote stories where nothing
> happened."
> He stole the idea from Seinfeld, a "show about nothing."

Nonsense. A more subtle novel than "What Maisie Knew" is hard to imagine. James was a tranquil writer, and it takes a tranquil (or at least tranquilized) reader to follow his fictions. He definitely requires an "accomplice" reader, but then, don't our beloved pulpsters require that, too? I certainly know quite a few people who find our kind of pulp story unreadable, a big pile of trash. Even Chandler and Hammett. Try and recommend Willeford (acknowledged as a modern master by us) to your average avid reader and then tell me the results...



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