RARA-AVIS: crime novels vs. thrillers

From: Gary Warren Niebuhr ( piesbook@execpc.com)
Date: 25 Jun 2007

<p>Is there some definite boundary between crime and adventure.  Adventure novels can involve crimes, but what makes it an adventure  rather than a crime novel. And where does a thriller fit in this? Regards, John </p><p>A few years ago I wrote a book called MAKE MINE A MYSTERY wherein I tried to define these terms.  For what they are worth, here they are:</p><p> A crime novel observes the undertaking of a criminal act but does not necessarily have a detective who pursues either the criminal or a sense of justice (two thing which are usually present in a detective novel).</p><p>A thriller is fiction designed to keep the reader interested through the use of a high degree of action, intrigue, adventure, and suspense.  A thriller involves the reader emotionally.</p><p>A work of suspense keeps the reader waiting for particular outcomes ofthen by having the narrator in some kind of danger.</p><p>Simply, dangerous actions or risks are undertaken in an adventure novel.</p><p>I hope this helps.</p><p>GWN</p><p>Gary Warren Niebuhr</p><p> piesbook@execpc.com</p>

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