RARA-AVIS: rural settings?

From: Jacob Zumoff ( jacobzumoff@yahoo.com)
Date: 22 Jun 2007

Hello, I curious if there have been any hard-boiled
(or for that matter, any detective or mystery) writers who use a rural setting. Most authors focus on urban areas (e.g., Chander and MacDonald, Los Angeles; Ignacio Taibo, Mexico City; Arjouni, Frankfurt, etc.). The New York Times recently ran an article about mystery authors who use suburban settings ("Murder Most Suburban," Marilyn Stasio, 4 Feb. 07; see: http://www.donswaim.com/nytimes.murder.suburban.html).

However, I cannot think of authors who use rural settings. Some authors like Chandler have scenes set in rural areas (although I suspect that most of them are now part of the urban sprawl of Orange County); Hammett tends to use a foray out of the city as a diversion (such as in the Maltese Falcon).

The only exceptions that I can think of are John M. Cain's The Postman Always Rings Twice and most of the work of Tony Hillerman (which I would not classify as hard-boiled; I am aware that there a discussion about this in 1999 on this list). Admittedly these are big exceptions, but are there other rural authors?


Jacob Zumoff

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