RARA-AVIS: Library of Congress

From: m23to53 ( library.john@virgin.net)
Date: 17 Jun 2007

Apologies for what is probably not a group related topic, though it is technically related I suppose. The Library of Congress copyright records. I assume that some of you, as authors or publishers, have had to send in information for your work to be listed. My question is, does a book have to be published, or be in the process of being published, for a copyright entry to be made? Just that I was doing some checking in the records, and came across various author and title entries for works which do not seem to exist outside a copyright entry. So, allowing for pseudonyms, pre-publication titles etc, can there be a copyright entry for a work which is never actually published? I would appreciate the views of anyone who has been involved with the LOC copyright.

Many thanks John

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