Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Some John D. MacDonald Titles

Date: 16 Jun 2007

Glad to see JDM getting some traction again. There was a time awhile back when he was taking a drubbing all over the place for not being "modern." Certainly McGee's atttudes have dated but the stories remain pretty good--but only pretty good compared to such masterpieces as Soft Touch, The Executioners, The Crossroads and The End of The Night. His criminals remain to me (and this may speak to my own advanced age more than anything else) much more beleivable
(much more like Wambaugh's criminals) than many of the stylized "hip" criminals of neo-noir. As Vonnegut said of him, he knew how the world worked, from corrupt politics to boardroom banter (that's whay I admire Terrill Lankford's novels so much--he gives you the real Hollywood top to bottom, what used to be called "work" novels). I wish more of today's crime fiction showed the same harsh wit and disgruntled sophistication of JDM's work. --Ed Gorman

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