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From: Steven Rowe (
Date: 06 Jun 2007

well, Classics Illustrated (what they were called after 1946) are still around today. currently by Jack Lane Productions of Canada.

steven rowe

On 6/6/07, Bludis Jack <> wrote:
> "A graphic novel is a comic book on steroids," Jim Doherty
> said. An excellent figure of speech and not that great a
> hyperbole.
> I remember picking up a whole stack of comics at a
> second-hand book/magazine store when I was a kid. They were
> called "Classic Comics" or "Classic Comic Books," I'm not
> sure which, but they included such works as "Moby Dick" and
> "Les Miserable." These two I remember specifically, but
> there many if not all of the others of the classics that
> were full-length comics that were also taken from the
> classics of World Literature.
> Just a piece of trivia--Well, not so trivial--from the
> past. It seems to me they would go over today. Beats the
> hell out of Cliff Notes, although I doubt you'd get the
> detail.
> Jack
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