Re: RARA-AVIS: Coward/Criminal

From: Stewart Wilson (
Date: 04 Jun 2007

Hi Mark,

My favourite stuff of his Brubaker's is GOTHAM CENTRAL, a strict police procedural set in Batman's city. Superheroes appear once in a while, but really they serve to as a psychological backdrop for the cop stories. I also liked his SLEEPER series quite well.

The artist, Phillips also worked on SLEEPER, but his recent work on MARVEL ZOMBIES (totally off topic for this list) was excellent.

Like I said in my original post, I still have hope for this series.


On 6/1/07, <> wrote:
> Stewart wrote:
> "Both Brubaker and the artist are capable of much, much, much better . .
> ."
> Such as? As I recently noted, I've lost touch with comics and graphic
> novels. So what are their better works?

Stewart Wilson
Toronto, ON

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