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From: AP McQuiddy (
Date: 02 Jun 2007

I worked with one of Ed's publishers early in his career (LOWLIFE, etc), and got to know him a good bit.
  In addition to being a very good writer (and a decent artist in his own right), Ed's also a pretty nice guy to boot.
  Best an' all,

Stewart Wilson <> wrote:
          I think Brubaker writes great stuff too, but I did not enjoy Coward after about the first 3rd. I found many of the characters too stock and one dimensional, and the situations too cliched . I also had problems with the art. Both Brubaker and the artist are capable of much, much, much better and I am hoping that they improve their work on the Criminal series for the next arc (if they stay on the series).


On 6/1/07, Patrick <> wrote:
> I've read Coward, and liked it a lot. It's basically a gritty crime
> short (I refuse to offer an opinion as to whether it's noir). As far
> as I can tell, Criminal is an anthology series; the next issues would
> be covering (at least somewhat) different characters. I don't know if
> it will be one writer.
> That said, Coward is written by Ed Brubaker, possibly the best crime
> writer working in comics right now. Solid stuff.
> Pat
> On 6/1/07, <> wrote:
> > A few of the recent Hard Case Crime books have contained an end paper ad
> > for a graphic novel, Coward, that compiles issues of a comic called
> > Criminal. Has anyone read either of these? How are they?
> >
> > Mark
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