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From: Sandra Ruttan (
Date: 23 May 2007


If you would like to be added to the list of contributors for Crime Zine Report so that you can spread the word there (and indirectly through Crimespace where Crime Zine Report has a feed, and Crimespot) please feel free to email me. You only need to have a Blogger 2 account.

I would also be happy to run this for you in the next Spinetingler if you think that would be helpful.


Sandra Ruttan

Spinetingler Editor/Submission Director

Author of Suspicious Circumstances

On 5/23/07 6:18 PM, "" <> wrote: > > The fiction guidelines are pretty simple. Hardboiled and noir, PI's > welcome, up to > 10,000 words. We'll definitely consider longer, up to novella length > (22k or > less), but we'd like to keep it under 10k. We allow graphic violence, > language, and all sorts of political incorrectness. Sex is fine, as > long as it > moves the plot along and is well-written. Nothing set more than ten > years > in the future, or more than a hundred years in the past. You get bonus > points for including technology that clearly sets the story in the 21st > century, while maintaining the classic PI ethos. > > As for brass tacks, as I said, we're paying $15-$20 a story at this time > - first periodical rights only, with the story being archived, but you get the > right to submit the story for reprint rights elsewhere six months after > publication. The site is largely designed and ready to upload, and we intend > to > publish the first issue by the end of summer. We will offer a contract to > selected stories, and pay on acceptance. > > I really hope some of my fellow Rara-Avis members will be interested in being > a part of this new publication. With > so many of the PI/hardboiled/noir webzines shutting down or closing to > submissions, I hope to be able to populate a couple of issues relatively > quickly > this year - at least in time to do some submissions to the major awards. If > you > have a story lying around that you haven't sold, or even if it needs a little > polishing, please send it along. The nice thing about this venture is that we > can toss the whole thing up onto the web in an hour or less, and it will be > immediately available for everyone to read, so we don't need a lot of lead > time compared with print magazines. > > All submissions can be sent as email attachments. DonĀ¹t > worry too much about formatting, but you would make my job easier by saving > your story as an .rtf document. Just attach it to a nice email query telling > me who you are, and send it to > <> > > I look forward to reading any and all submissions. > > > Take care- > R > > > Richard Helms > Three-Time Shamus Award Nominee >

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