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Date: 22 May 2007

The Nicholas Blake Treasury contains:
  Thou shell of death., Beast must die., Corpse in the snowman., Question of proof., There's trouble brewing., Smiler with the knife., Murder with malice., Minute for murder., Head of a traveler.,
  I've just ordered a copy through my library.
  And I just finished Kersh's Night and the City a couple nights ago. Fantastic with spots of bizarre, surreal writing. Sometimes his style is so over the top to be funny. But mostly it just grips you by the throat. What a treat.
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al_guthrie65 <> wrote:
          James Curtis THE GILT KID (1936)

Didn't realise Nicholas Blake (Cecil Day Lews, by the way, not C S Lewis) had written a book based on THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY. Have to get that.


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> Can anyone add to these noirish titles by British writers, c. 1930-
> --James Hadley Chase, _No Orchids for Miss Blandish_
> --Gerald Kersh, _Night and the City_
> --Francis Iles, _Before the Fact_
> --Nicholas Blake (C S Lewis), _The Beast Must Die_; _Thou Shell of
> Death_ (based on _The Revengers Tragedy_, a Jacobean revenge play)
> --D H Lawrence, _The Lovely Lady_ (novella)
> --Marie Belloc Lowndes, _The Lodger_ (1913); _The Story of Ivy_



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