Re: RARA-AVIS: Godard and French noir

From: E. Borgers (
Date: 20 May 2007

Being a long term film fan, and also a noir film lover, I of course know Jean-Pierre Melleville, and saw all his films, even the "non mystrery" types, one of them being a film adaptation of a theatrical piece by Cocteau, for instance...
  He is a classic, and one of the bests in film noir. A top film maker having had a tremendous influence on younger directors, and not only in France.
  Quite some years ago a made a short presentation of film noir and HB movies, with a broad look at the international side of film noir.
  If interested you will find it at the following Web page:
  It gives you access to the several parts of the presentation.

William Ahearn <> a 飲it :
           You know something? I think he's more Godard than noir and that's why I like him so much. Yes, I saw Pierrot and loved it and it was almost a homage to Pierre Melville. Have you seen his films? Le Samurai, Un Flic, Bob the Gambler? Guy rocks. He was the author that Jean Seberg interviews at the airport in


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