Re: RARA-AVIS: Everything's Noir?

Date: 20 May 2007

William wrote:

"Have you seen Jean Luc Godard's Alphaville? It's a cool noirish hardboiled sci-fi flick. Although some folks find Godard difficult. He's done some other almost on topic movies."

Godard is an avowed fan of US noir, mentions a number of noir writers in Godard on Godard. Breathless would certainly fit in here. I've always thought it was heavily influenced by Goodis's The Burglar. His Band of Outsiders was based on a Hitchens novel. Made in the USA was supposedly an adaptation of a Parker (character, not writer) novel, The Jugger, but Westlake so hated it that he blocked its release in the US. Years ago, someone traded me a tape of it, but I've never gotten around to watching it, since it's in French without subtitles and I don't think the handful of random words I remember from high school will get me very far.


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