Re: RARA-AVIS: Everything's Noir?

From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 19 May 2007

> My definition is pretty narrow. If there's no downward spiral too hell,
> if there's no psychic damage and sense of doom, it's not noir. Quoting
> Eddie Muller's definition of noir (as taken from Ken Bruen's foreward
> for a new edition of Miami Purity), "starts bad and gets worse." That's
> noir. At least that's my narrow definiton.

One more example of this outside the genre, is the forthcoming movie Manolete, which is based on Barnaby Conrad's book and will star Adrien Brody
(who actually looks like the matador Manolete). You know that Manolete is doomed to be killed by the bull, but it makes for compelling reading and, we're hopeful, great watching.


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