Re: RARA-AVIS: Everything's Noir?

From: Dave Zeltserman (
Date: 19 May 2007

> They may be great fun but they're not exactly noir. And my
> definition of noir is pretty open.
My definition is pretty narrow. If there's no downward spiral too hell, if there's no psychic damage and sense of doom, it's not noir. Quoting Eddie Muller's definition of noir (as taken from Ken Bruen's foreward for a new edition of Miami Purity), "starts bad and gets worse." That's noir. At least that's my narrow definiton. And very little of what's called noir today has a resemblance to noir (at least to me). Russell Hill's "Robbie's Wife" is noir, Seymour Shubin's "Anyone's My Name" is noir (yeah, okay, it was written 50 years ago, but we've been discussing it recently), Vicki Hendrick's "Miami Purity" is noir. Jason Starr's "Hard Feelings" and "Twisted City". Damn if I can think of too many other recent books.

--Dave Z.

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