Re: RARA-AVIS: recent reads

From: Kevin Burton Smith (
Date: 18 May 2007

On May 18, 2007, at 11:22 AM, wrote:

> Kevin wrote:
> "In fact, the whole French comics industry is chockfull of great crime
> stuff -- something I've definitely come to miss since slipping
> south of
> the border (the Montreal bookstores were full of them). There are some
> real classics out there, handsome volumes full of vivid, muscular
> artwork, both adaptations from literary sources (LE DER DE DERS, for
> example) and originals (ALACK SINNER)."
> Respectfully, Sinner ain't French. His creators, Jose Munoz and
> Carlos
> Sampayo are Argentinian. That is not to take away from your
> endorsement
> of them. Theirs is very good stuff.

Yer right. I stand corrected. But I think the books were published in France. Or at least I discovered them through French editions.

But like I said, yer right. Montreal would, naturally, carry the French editions, but the entire European crime comic industry is well worth a peek. I've occasionally spotted Spanish, Italian and even Norwegian crime comics that make DC/Vertigo's line occasionally seem about as dangerous as a Gold Key Love Bug tie-in.


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