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Date: 18 May 2007

Thanks for reminding me to mention this here, Jason!

Book Expo is the annual publishing industry shindig, held irregularly in New York, and this is the first year Hard Case Crime will have an official presence at the show (as opposed to the unofficial presence of me walking up and down the aisles buttonholing people I know when I happen to bump into them). Jason will be signing SLIDE and the elusive Richard Aleas will be signing SONGS OF INNOCENCE; it won't surprise some of you that I'll be present for the duration of Mr. Aleas' signing as well. (I plan on helping out, maybe by opening each copy of SONGS OF INNOCENCE to the proper page so that Aleas can sign it more easily. That sort of thing.)

As for the models, this is a grand experiment: We're working with one of the most renowned vintage clothing collections in the city (the folks who dressed Meryl Streep for OUT OF AFRICA, and the cast of MILLER'S CROSSING, and the Oscar nominees in Vanity Fair's recent noir- themed photo spread, and Angelina Jolie in the Woolrich-inspired ORIGINAL SIN, etc., etc.) to put three models -- two women, one man -- in actual 1940s/50s film noir costumes (and hair, and makeup). One of the models is Meredith Napolitano, who posed for the cover of our forthcoming John Lange title ZERO COOL; the other two are actors with various stage and TV credits to their name. It's been fun working with them, playing dress-up in a huge warehouse filled with carefully preserved period clothes.

Book Expo is not open to the general public, and it's not cheap to attend even for people in the business, but if any of you are planning to be there, please do drop by and say hello: Booth #3681, Saturday, June 2, any time between 11AM and 1PM. And for everyone who can't make it, we'll be bringing a camera and posting photos on our Web site...

Best, Charles

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> Lastly, if anyone on RA is going to be at Book Expo, please come to
> the Hard Case Crime party at the Dorchester booth on Saturday June 2
> at 11:00. Charles Ardai will be there with me, and they're giving
> away ARC's, limited edition cover art, T-shirts, etc and, best of
> all, Hard Case cover models will be there!!
> Would be great to see you
> Cheers, Jason

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