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From: Patrick King (
Date: 10 May 2007

Yes, I agree with you about this book. I wondered as I read it whether the author hadn't actully plotted the ending, or if an editor had cut back the author's idea to fit a specific format and the last third of the book and it's logic got lost. In any event, the ending is very dissatisfying and the overall feel of the story is cumbersome.

Patrick King
--- Steve Lewis <> wrote:

> I finished this novel by John Wessel a few days ago.
> I've had it sitting on the shelf for a couple years
> now. It's set in Chicago and centered around a
> private investigator without a license, doing
> surveillance work for a firm based in Schaumburg, a
> suburb about 20 miles from downtown Chicago. It all
> went well for the first hundred pages, the
> characters,
> the dialogue, and the plotting, but after that it
> went
> downhill. The plot not only got overly complex, but
> it also tied in to a past event in the detective's
> life in a thin and unconvincing connection. When it
> ended, half the mysteries in the book were left
> unexplained. Probably the high point was the
> protagonist's self-deprecating humor.
> miker
> >>
> I posted my review of this book on my blog at
> .
> A key phrase in my comments toward the end, which
> echoes miker's opinion,
> is this one:
> "The plot itself eventually becomes verbal sludge
> and next to impossible to
> follow. "
> Actually I think miker and I agree on just about
> everything, and he takes a
> lot less wordage to say it in.
> Best
> Steve
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