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Date: 09 May 2007

I recently finally read Detour. Goldsmith's secondary plot about Sue's struggles in Hollywood was in the screenplay he adapted from his novel, but it never ended up in the film. We'll never know why Ulmer streamlined the story (budget?), but it was a smart move. In the book, it feels like two novels struggling to become one, rather than two perspectives in a single story.

Otherwise, the movie is so close to the book that you've got to look at all the praise heaped on Ulmer & say Goldsmith deserves some of the credit.

--- Juri Nummelin <> wrote:

> I also had to drop one of Wessel's books. It was a
> small wonder that a
> Finnish publisher did at least two of his books. I
> once googled Wessel and
> found that there had been no discussion about him on
> Rara-Avis! (The stupid
> Finnish publisher may have decided after having
> Wessel's bad work in their
> hands that there's no market for American hardboiled
> crime in Finland. Too
> bad.)
> ***
> The fans of DETOUR should remember that Martin
> Goldsmith's original novel is
> available in trade paperback.
> ***
> I liked LEON and thought it was Besson's best film
> (which probably doesn't
> mean much). I don't know if it's noir, though.
> Juri

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