RARA-AVIS: Woolrich Noir (was: DETOUR, Gun Crazy)

From: AP McQuiddy ( damncrazygringo@yahoo.com)
Date: 08 May 2007

When I worked at Scarecrow, I recall the general consensus on both sides of the counter was that DOUBLE INDEMNITY -- stylistically, etc -- was either the first (or the best, I forget which) of the Noir genre.

Yet, IMDB (while certainly not THE authority on film, still a generally useful tool) lists CITY STREETS (1931) as the earliest Noir film --- but I suspect it's main claim to such a label is that it's based on a Hammett story.

Thanks for the tips --- no, I haven't yet seen any of the 3 Woolrich Noirs you mention...

Guess I'll have do some Trading to get THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES (as it apparently has no Official Release).

However, my local vidshop has Siodmak's PHANTOM LADY and STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR, so I'll add them to my To Be Rented list!

Thanks again,

William Ahearn < williamahearn@yahoo.com> wrote:
 --- AP McQuiddy < damncrazygringo@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Yup, I've heard that before, William --- and can
> certainly see how DETOUR must be considered *among*
> the first, if not THE first Noir.
 The only other contender that I know of is called
 "Stranger on the Third Floor" and stars Peter Lorre, a
 film I've never seen and know little about. IMDB page
 is here:
 Another cool flick by Ulmer is The Strange Woman with
 Hedy Lamarr. Dark and not an upbeat drama. Worth
 checking out.
 That's cool meeting Ann Savage. Any chance you've seen
 any of the Cornell Woolrich flicks like Phantom Lady
 or The Night Has A 1000 Eyes"?
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