Re: DETOUR (was: RARA-AVIS: Gun Crazy)

From: AP McQuiddy (
Date: 07 May 2007

Yup, I've heard that before, William --- and can certainly see how DETOUR must be considered *among* the first, if not THE first Noir.
  I ran into Ann Savage when I was still working at Scarecrow Video (a filmbuff's paradise, if ever there was one), and got about the equivalent of a Bachelor's in Film Studies, in those 3 years' employment.
  Ulmer is very cool, and I suspect there must be Noir Scholars who suggest our little genre of interest came directly out of the German Expressionist filmschool.
  Oh, and "Welcome aboard", amigo!
  Best an' all,

William Ahearn <> wrote:
--- AP McQuiddy <> wrote:

> DETOUR is definitely a Must See for any Noir fan.
> Got to meet Ann Savage a few years back, but
> unfortunately wasn't prepared to interview her at
> the moment...
Some consider it the first noir film. Edgar G. Ulmer
-- who had worked with the German expressionists -- shot it in something like 6 days.


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