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Date: 02 May 2007

Hello Annick,

I'm a little confused as to what you're looking for stylistically, since I see Chandler and Cain as being poles apart, but I can certainly recommend a 50's period noir with a different take: Sara Gran's DOPE.

QUEENPIN's set decades earlier than Megan's previous two. I was lucky enough to get an ARC. Superb book.


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  Hello everyone,

  Very excited to be a part of this group. I have long been a fan of
  FILM Noir, but just recently started actually READING it. When I tell
  you I'm a librarian you may think that declaration a bit odd. My
  equal passions are films and books, I toggle back and forth between
  them. I consider myself a femme fatale at heart, but a librarian by
  day, just to keep myself out of trouble.
  I am a fan of the Chandler, Cain school of noir writing and I really
  enjoy when I can find a modern writer that captures this style. I
  think I may have found one in Megan Abbott. I have read some of the
  postings about her on this board and I am glad you regard her as
  highly as I do. I particularly like the "voice" that she gives her
  characters. Her command of the noir language is dead on. I read Die a
  Little first, just finished The Song is You. Die.. really impressed
  me, The Song... just blew me away. Can't wait unitl Queenpin is
  released, I've already pre-ordered it on!
  I would really appreciate some reading suggestions for authors I
  should read next, if I like Megan Abbott's stories. I prefer stories
  that are set in the noir era, late '40s and '50s, that really capture
  that "voice" that is reminiscent of the writing style from that
  period in time. If I had to make a choice, The Song is You comes
  closer to my preferred storyline. Gil Hopkins reminds me of a Phillip
  Marlowe type, disillusioned but not yet ready to give up, still
  searching for the truth.
  I look forward to reading this groups opinions and analyses and hope
  I can contribute something that will be worth reading as well.




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