RARA-AVIS: bonked on the head

From: DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net
Date: 27 Apr 2007

Bill D,

Here's another excerpt for your collection of PIs getting knocked out. From Leo Malet's Mayhem in the Marais (actually, from the British translation):

". . . But some kind of knucklebuster slammed into my chin.

"The darkness grew much denser and was filled with multicoloured haloes continually merging and separating as in a kaleidoscope. I collapsed to the sound of a heavy object hitting the floor. My head, perhaps. My last thoughts were about Ditvrai [the guy whose door he was standing outside]: curiouser and curiouser!"

And Nestor Burma shows the effects of being clonked on the head with a metal ashtray, at least for a while. He is dizzy for a while and takes to bed for most of a day. After that, he seems to be fine.


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