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Date: 24 Apr 2007

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> Strange enough there is Icelandic noir, even very bleak.
> Well written, low key thrillers/suspenses are the procedurals by
Arnaldur Indridason, in a series with chief inspector Erlandur in Reykjavik. Seven novels were produced until now (2006).
> Chile anybody? There is a very good noir writer : Ramon Diaz-
Eterovic, with private eye Heredia and Simenon his cat. Dark, nostalgic, moving. Set in Santiago in the after-Pinochet era.
> Cuba? Leonardo Padura and his Havana inspector, Mario Conde, in
stories set during the end of the 80s. Extremely well written with some good bluezy atmospheres and social snapshots.
> Mexico? Go for Rolo Diez. An outstanding writer with some
atypical "picarequa noir" sagas And a series with inspector Hernandez: atypical, brutal, full of irony and… humanity.
> I suppose you all know Paco Ignacio Taibo II, one of the greats?
(came from Argentina).
> Algeria: Yasmina Khadra and his outstanding inspector Lobb
> Already discussed on this list.
> Italy? There you have Carlo Lucarelli, Cesare Battisti, Andrea
Camilleri and many more.
> We could prolong this list: Noir is universal.
> E.Borgers

How many of these are in English or English translation?

Jordan in Winnipeg

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