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Date: 23 Apr 2007

You're right Argentina has nothing to do in the bio of PIT II. (A lapsus, as I was trying to remember some other Hispanic writers).
  His family was Spanish and he was born in Spain (in Gijon).
  As far as I know he was around ten years old when he migrated to Mexico, end of the fifties, and he still lives and publishes there.
  He kept links with Spain and he is still one of the engines of the Semana Negra in Gijon, a yearly gathering (convention) devoted to mystery lit. in Northern Spain since end of the 80s (and which is, for Spain and this lit., a major event stretched over a whole week).

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       Hello, I've enjoyed this discussion.

I just wanted to clarify that Paco Ignacio Taibo II did not come from Argentina, but from Asturia.

His father, Paco Ignacio Taibo, was a Spanish leftist who came to Mexico in the 1930s as an exile during the Spansh Civil War. (The father is also a writer, hence the use of "I" and "II" which is not common in Spanish names.)

I believe he had Spanish citizenship and at one point he contemplated moving to Spain during the repression in Mexico, although he didn't and, I believe, he obtained Mexican citizenship instead. (Mexico not allowing duel citizenship until recently). This, I think, is all explained in his book 1968.


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