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From: Kerry J. Schooley (
Date: 23 Apr 2007

At 09:31 PM 22/04/2007, Channing wrote:

>And yes, I was disappointed that no publishers felt the need to
>reprint the Get Carter books. But when the movie was so terrible and
>grossed like $6 mil maybe the publishers made the right financial

I rented videos of both movies the same weekend some years back. Yes, the Hollywood Treatment spoiled a lot of the narrative and yes Caine is the superior actor, but some interesting things came out of the comparison.

First, Get Carter2 used a similar opening with the same music and that was effective in both, as I recall. Very effective.

Second, Cain was largely expressionless throughout the movie, and that was the style of acting that had been effective in the Harry Palmer series and even much of Alfie. He acted that way. Critical opinion of Stallone is mostly that lack of expression is evidence of his lack of acting skill. While he's not Caine, I don't think that's the case. Stallone's lack of expression in this film was deliberately copied from Get Carter1.

Third, Stallone's Carter was focused on style and fashion, fitted suits and shot cuffs. It reminded me after years of his playing older, more rumpled characters, what a clothes horse Caine was in his early career. I particularly recall the shortened London Fog top coats of the time. Both movies were very much about time, place and style. Is that true of the book as well?

Best, Kerry

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